Album: Arrodíllate (2014)

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Song: Bolsas negras

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INFERNO , band formed in 2009 by members of old bands of the city of Ceuta, beginning his career as a cover band , until, in 2011 and after some changes in the line up decided to start compose their own songs, being the Thrash Metal style that defines them , sharing the stage with bands like DIABOLUS IN EXTREMIS, CRISIX , BRUTAL THIN , AVULSED , GAMA BOMB ...

In October 2014 the band released their first EP titled "Arrodíllate" composed of six songs , recorded and produced in Triton Studio ( Ceuta) by Francis Aliaga , which was successfully received both by the media and by the general public.

Currently , the band are immersed in the composition of his new album , which this time will be a Full lenght CD and that will come through NECROMANCE RECORDS .